Noisiest & Funnest Advocacy...

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Removing the Silence & the Stigma Around Depression & Other Mental Illnesses

Jacqui Chaplin's aim is to be the noisiest & funnest (yes, funnest) advocate for play & creativity as inoculators for & antidotes to stress, anxiety & depression.

The brief version?

Jacqui wants it to be OK for adults to play in child-like ways.
She wants it to be OK for everybody to talk openly and comfortably about depression.

So stuff life this... doesn't happen to people with depression!

In recent months enough information and events - good, bad and ugly - have collided in Jacqui's world and shaken her foundations such that she feels passionately compelled to do things differently.

She believes she has been "too silent for too long" about her experiences with depression. It is time to stand up and be seen and counted. It's time to debunk, demystify, and de-demonise depression.

And her approach is humourous, irreverent at times and fun. Thanks to Katie at for permission to use this Beatrice the Biologist cartoon which goes a long way to explaining why talking more about depression is SO important... Just like getting playful and creative is important as well.

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