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Jacqui loves coaching so much she spent the last 15 years full time as a coach! Learning to coach completely changed her life. Today her life is more fulfilling, easier, great fun and more exciting than ever before. As a result, she has been privileged to support others to get an easier, more fulfilling, fun and enjoyable lives. This will be part of Jacqui's legacy for the world… the more people who know and can live fulfilled lives the better the world will be for us and for future generations.

Jacqui is the Chief Play-Meister Coach for 'Play Create Elevate' and a Director of Talking About Pty Ltd. She has been involved in the coaching field since 1998. In 2004, she formed Talking About with Chris Chittenden, having previously worked as a full-time professional coach with Gaia Consulting Group. In April 2013 she has dedicated herself to 'Play Create Elevate'.

Having over 3500 hours of coaching experience with both individuals and groups, including providing executive coaching to multi-national clients Jacqui specialised in coaching for results for executives and business leaders.

Now that focus is on coaching people how to include and have more fun, play and creativity in their lives on a day to day basis

Jacqui remains Talking About’s Director of Coach Training and remains involved in supervising students in Talking About Coach Training's “Professional Coach Program”.

She is a graduate of Newfield Australia's Diploma of Ontological Coaching and has completed an Executive Diploma of Business Leadership Coaching. Furthermore, she is an MBA graduate through Monash University.

A member of the International Coach Federation and an Accredited Master Coach (AMC) with ANZI Coaching she is also life-time accredited user of a number of Human Synergistics profiling tools including the LifeStyles Inventory (LSI), Groups Styles Inventory (GSI), and qualified to administer the Human Synergistics’ CoACH tool, and the Leadership/ Impact profile.

Jacqui's Coaching Methodology

Jacqui's coaching methodology can be identified as what Talking About terms as the “SEA of Coaching” - the “Science”, “Ethics” and “Art” of coaching practice. The science is based in a broad range of recent innovations in disciplines as diverse as philosophy, philosophy of language, cognitive biology, neuro-science and social sciences. Brought together, they provide a powerful and unique way of observing and intervening with human beings in the domains of language, emotion and body known as The Talking About Ontological Approach to Coaching. Play Create Elevate believes that no other coaching approach offers such a broad spectrum for success.

The People Jacqui Coaches…

Jacqui knows the people she want to work with.
Are you one of them?

  • Do you know there is something to do different and may or may not be able to see what it is in this moment?
  • Do you want to be a better version of you for you and for those around you?
  • Do you want life to be easier and are prepared to think, create and act differently to get what you want, even if you have no idea what that might entail or involve right now?
  • Are you open to having challenging and sometimes confronting conversations to generate different results for yourself and others?
  • Are you willing to explore new beliefs, thoughts and actions?
  • Are you willing to stand up and take the actions you design?

The other crucial belief that people Jacqui coaches hold is that as a coach Jacqui is a great fit. She recognises the importance of having a conversation to be crystal clear on this front.

Coaching Outcomes

The key coaching benefits to you lie in being able to see and act on more opportunities from which you and your organisation gain better business results and outcomes. Jacqui coaches people to address these and other play related concerns:

  • Recognising and owning their choices that have limited play and creativity
  • Making informed decisions about what can and will change
  • Engaging in specific and timely action on play and creativity related decisions
  • Taking more responsibility for the management of your play, creativity and resilience
  • Ensuring that you have the skills and motivation you need to succeed.

As an Accredited Master Coach Jacqui is committed to the ethical principles of ANZI Coaching and the ICF. Her ethical focus is always on maintaining respect, care and client confidentiality. Jacqui prides herself in this.

The “artistry” of Jacqui's coaching comes from her experience and wisdom in observing how people engage in living and being able to intervene in a way that is respectful, yet sometimes confronting, as well as her willingness to play, be creative and let her inner child loose regularly.

Jacqui views success as a Coach in terms of the difference made for you with respect to play, creativity and resilience and the difference they can bring to your life in general. Her coaching is aimed at providing clients with specific results and outcomes as they relate to the play, creativity and resilience and, in addition, to have clients learn how to coach, play and be creative themselves. This provides you with benefits well beyond the coaching relationship. As such, Jacqui works with you on three levels:

Goal Achievement

One of the key aspects of coaching is to assist you in the creation and achievement of their goals. This is sometimes a moving target as people who come to coaching often do not know specifically what they want to achieve and this is explored as part of your coaching experience.

Skills Development

Jacqui is able to help you develop, explore and experience a wide range of play, creativity and resilience activities and practices.

Personal Transformation

Transformation is a process of growth where someone moves beyond an old way of being to a new one. Invariably this is a manifestation of feeling stuck and looking for a new way. The core of play, creativity and resilience coaching is to help people make that transformation.

Jacqui has successfully worked with hundreds of clients and is excited to do the same with you.

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