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Jacqui is an experienced facilitator of conversations which draw out effective solutions in challenging and changing times. She also involved in coaching, leadership development and coach training. She has over 10,000 hours of education; learning and development; training and facilitation; and coaching experience with both individuals and groups, including providing facilitation and executive coaching for multi-national clients.

Jacqui assists people within organisations to achieve better outcomes through their communication skills and relationships with others. Our approach at Talking About is based on a model that distinguishes organisational effectiveness as being driven by the quality of the relationships and conversations that make up that organisation. The better the relationships and conversations, the more effective the organisation. These impacts can be seen at all levels of an organisation and extends to suppliers and customers.
Jacqui's artistry in training and facilitation lies with her individual facilitation style which comes from her experience and wisdom in understanding how people learn and through observing how people engage in working and relating with others. She is able to intervene in ways that are impactful, respectful, outcome driven and hence, sometimes challenging.

Jacqui views her success in terms of the outcomes and the difference made for clients in the organisational context within which they work or operate. Jacqui focuses clients on their specific outcomes as they relate to each training and facilitation assignment and, in addition, she seeks to have clients learn how to sustain and embed any learning. This provides benefits beyond the training and facilitation relationship.

She is a graduate of Newfield Australia's Diploma of Ontological Coaching, holds an Executive Diploma of Business Leadership Coaching and has completed a Bachelor of Educational Studies and a Master of Business Administration. She has also completed a Diploma in Training and Assessment Systems (Cert IV).

Her clients include, but are not limited to: Australian Business Women's Network, ExxonMobil, Repco Ltd, Reliance Petroleum (BP), Pacific Hydro, and TT Line, Salmat, Deakin University, and RMIT University.

Contact Jacqui at jacqui@jacquichaplin.com or on +61 (0)412 741 531

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