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There is a significant conversation missing in Australian workplaces…

Can your managers, leaders and team members tell the difference between poor performance and a mood disorder? Can they support the mind health of their employees to increase productivity?

More often than not “managing” performance instead of mind health challenges results in WorkCover claims rather than supporting your workforce to see and understand the signs and symptoms of mood disorders. This is the RISK to individuals and to organisations. Lower productivity, less engagement, greater costs, less profit.

Many people are unaware of the signs and symptoms of even the most common mood disorders. As a result many people go unsupported and untreated. Only 65% of people who live with a mood disorder seek medical intervention in Australia. As a result of this lack of awareness everything from personal satisfaction and simple enjoyment of life through to organisational productivity and profitably can be negatively impacted. Teaching people the signs and symptoms and how to get themselves or others appropriate support and treatment is what we do.

Many people are unaware of the role resilience can play in strengthening and sustaining great mind health. Teaching people the strategies and skills to build, strengthen and sustain their own resilience in rapidly changing times is key to building and maintaining productivity, increasing profits as well as employees' satisfaction. This is RESILIENCE, a key element in containing hidden costs and poor productivity due to unmanaged mood disorders or depressive episodes.

The REWARD is a workforce who are literate in the domains of mind health and mood disorders… who can help themselves and others by speaking openly and comfortably about mind health matters!

Mind/Profit Link Programs

These program's are delivered by experienced facilitators with either a lived experience of a mood disorder and/or a specialisation in mindfulness. This is one of the keys to demonstrating that people can continue to be high functioning and productive beyond diagnosis.

The Mind/Profit Link offers a program of four half day sessions. The program’s focus is on four key mind health areas.

  1. The Meet The Mind… Meet Your Mind Module takes a look at self-awareness and the mind to expand participants’ way of thinking about the mind, mindfulness, the realms of mental health and self-care, resilience as well as introducing the framework for the practical application of the program’s learning
  2. The Mindful Self-Management Module provides specific knowledge and practical applications to effectively manage emotions and communication with others as well as sharpening focus and enhancing performance
  3. The Marvellous Mind Health Module increases knowledge and a predisposition to act early where concerns related to mind health matters arise
  4. The Making It Happen Module explores research based practical resilience strategies that can be tailored for individuals and teams resulting in a workforce with greater capacity to maintain performance in rapidly changing times

A post delivery review is highly recommended for all presentations formats.

Each program is tailored to meet your organisation's needs. Prices are determined based on the your organisation's specific requirements.

Getting Started

To find out more or book a Mind/Profit Link Program please call Liz O’Brien on +61 (0) 403 818 523 or Jacqui Chaplin on +61 (0) 412 741 531

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