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On Play & Creativity...

This is not an exhaustive or extensive list of resources. It is my aim to provide information on play and creativity as they come to my attention.

The Dax Centre
The Dax Centre promotes mental health and well-being by fostering a greater understanding of the mind, mental illness and trauma through art and creativity. It incorporates the Cunningham Dax Collection, a collection of over 15,000 works created by people with an experience of mental illness and trauma.

The Dax Centre’s activities include: an annual program of exhibitions, as well as touring exhibitions that travel interstate and internationally; an education program for secondary and tertiary students; public programs, professional development and research.

Tina Christensen | Artist, Art Therapist
Tina uses a method for exploration she refers to as the art of ‘being’. Her focus for the past decade has been to foster experiences of ‘being’. This is distinct from the art of ‘doing’ which is generally more familiar; the art of doing the washing, the parenting, the study, the lifestyle, etc. She encourages and inspires others to access their own bliss through ‘being.’ The art of ‘being’ makes space for fundamental questions to be explored. It is both easier and harder to access because our culture is so ‘do-do-doing’ focused.

Ballarat Roller Derby League
The Ballarat Roller Derby league is a sports league for women of all body types who want to put the glamour back into getting fit. Roller Derby is an exciting game of strategy and spectacle.