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Life's Too Short...

With respect to attitude, compliance and rule following Jacqui Chaplin was never really good at it and has never really "grown up". She has certainly been brought back into line, expected to behave for fear of punishment, shame or embarrassment many a time, as both an adult and a child, for talking too much, laughing too loud or speaking her mind when it might have made others uncomfortable.

She's sung a solo so badly in a Grade 6 play you could hear the audience cringe and groan (in what she hoped was sympathy for her).
She's fallen down stairs after winning a Year 10 Ballroom Dancing Competition in front of 300 peers and parents.
She's slipped a disc during a surf life saving practice drill and become the real patient.
She's fallen over dancing in the middle of the dance floor at a friend's wedding. Enthusiastic dancing will do that!
Suffice to say, the list goes on...

The point is Jacqui has done HEAPS, TONNES, GADZILLIONS of SPECTACULARLY SILLY, DANGEROUSLY DAMAGING and HUGELY HILARIOUS things during her life. And she is sure there'll be plenty more. But these things don't faze her these days, they amuse her. She's great at laughing at herself. You might think she's a little odd that way and she'd likely agree.

Until April 2013 the thing that that Jacqui was ENORMOUSLY EMBARRASSED and SIGNIFICANTLY SHAME-FILLED about was something she kept a closely guarded secret. Yet ironically it is something which to a great extent she had no control over. For 20 plus years she has lived with depression for the first ten years before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder (type II).

So Jacqui has finally clicked that life is short and she wants to be having more fun and making a difference while she's doing it!
So she became the Chief Play-Meister at Play Create Elevate.

The Role of The Chief Play-Meister

If you have forgotten how to laugh, have fun and be silly... or if you've never worked out how to do that then Jacqui Chaplin, the Chief Play-Meister, is just what your funny-bone ordered.

The Role of The Chief Play-Meister is to:

  • teach adults how to play like kids again, from playing "Pin The Tail on the Donkey', playing "Chasey", going as high as you can on the swing at the local park to finger painting Riding your bike for exercise or playing golf DOES NOT count as the kind of play that Jacqui is talking about
  • help adults enjoy and work through any barriers to 'child-like' play such as feeling silly and goofy and doing things that they or others might say are a 'waste of time'
  • remind adults, through child-like play experiences, of the joy, release and sense of wonder that children experience when playing in an uninhibited way
  • assist adults, through child-like play experiences, to identify which activities bring them the greatest joy, release and sense of wonder that children experience when playing in an uninhibited way
  • help adults, through child-like play experiences, realise the important connection between play and creativity in maintaining sustainable and desirable states of mental health, as well as being interesting and interested!

Call Jacqui, The Chief Play-Meister on +61 (0)412 741 531 to and find a better, more interesting and "funner" way of living your life!

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The Play-Meister in Action!